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Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta

( 25 January, 1856- 7 November, 1923)

Brief History

Brojmohun College was established on 14th June in 1889 by Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta. But history chronicles that he first established the B.M shcool patronized by his great father in 1884 and then it it evolved into B.M. College to meet the increasing demands of higher education for the poor southerners. In 1917 the college was transferred into the present location. This college had got a revolutionary spirit as the Swadeshi movement and its ideology against British Raj streamed through it. So a counter colonial nature is integral with this college. Mahatma had exerted a tremendous leverage in amassing the highest patriotic scholars of that time, as such Brojendranath Chatterji, Rajonikanta Guha, Babu Swatish Chandra who left an effort to add glory to this college. Thus in the post partition and in the post independence period other legendary teachers as such Jibonanda Dash, Prof. Md. Hanif , Kazi Golam Kader, Prof. Shamsul Haque , Dr. Pronoti Bose added laurel to this college. It was due to the imparting of proper education Calcutta University had permitted this college to induct honors courses in that 1922, first in English and Philosophy and then gradually in other disciplines. The period 1922-1948 was the golden age for B.M College. The achievements even drew the comments from Sir Woodburn and other English high officials that the college should be ranked with oxford. But partition in 1947 was a blow for this college. So the honours courses went off. Again the college got back on its track in 1964 by introducing honours in Economics. Then in 1965 it was provincialized and in 1972 Govt. B.M college started its Journey with honours in 7 disciplines and masters in 5. And then may other honours courses were added which total in to 19. This college had been gaining academic excellence since 1928; the names can be mentioned Debprashad Ghosh, Shantishodha Ghosh, Dilip Kumar Chakrawarti, Shantisudha as such. This college had a significant role in anti British movement along with the movements in 52, 62, 69 and specially to be underscored the liberation war of 1971.

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Date and Time

Date: 12-Aug-2022

Time: 03:11 PM

Message From Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to present to you our first official website. You will be able to visit us regarding any information about the university from wherever you are.

Professor Dr. Mohammad Golam Kibria


Government Brojomohun College, Barishal

Citizen Charter

1. Completion of courses within the session directed by National University.

2. Conducting examinations assigned by National University.

3. Ensure classes according to specific routine.

4. Conducting internal examination according to academic calendar.