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Message From Principal

It gives me immense pleasure to present to you our first official website. You will be able to visit us regarding any information about the university from wherever you are. There is no denying the fact that Govt. BM College occupies an important place in the Tertiary level of education of the country.

Brojomohun College was established on 14th June in 1889 by Mahatma Ashwini Kumar Dutta. He first established the  BM School patronized by the great father Brojomohun in 1884 and then it was evolved into BM College to meet the increasing demands of higher education for the southerner. In 1917 college was transferred into the present location.   It was due to the imparting of proper education Calcutta University had permitted this college to induct honors courses in that 1922, first in English and Philosophy and then gradually in others disciplines. This period of 1922-1948 was the golden age for BM College. But partition in 1947 was a blow for this college. So the honors went of. Again the college got back on its track in 1964 by introducing honors in Economics. Then in 1965 it was provincialized.

At present, BM College runs its journey with honors in 22 disciplines and masters in 19. The number of students are 23200 under four faculties( Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, Faculty of Social Science and Faculty of Business Studies) in every session 4410 students have been admitted.

This college had been gaining academic excellence since 1928; the names can be mentioned Debprashad Ghosh, Shantishodha Ghosh, Dilip Kumar Chakrawarti, as, such. Once upon a time there were patriotic scholars like Brojendranath Chatterji, Rajonikanta Guha, Babu Swatish Chandra. Later on Jibonananda Dash, Prof. Kabir Chowdhury, Prof. Md. Hanif, Kazi Golam Kader, Dr. Pronoti Bose added laurel to this college. At present, the college is being served by a group of qualified teachers blessed with youthful vigor and global outlook.

Thank you all.

Professor Dr. Momammad Golam Kibria


Govt. Brojomohun College, Barisal.